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Why is Vets Adopt Pets Important

Who ever and where ever you are, you can't escape the reality that people are fighting for us, for me, for you, for our community called America.  Enabling us to live on in our ordinary lives doing what we do.  The choice a soldier makes has a direct effect on us all.  And as a member of this community it is my duty to them to enhance their lives as they have mine.   For those that gave their all, I must give my all.  I must ask if others feel the same way, as possibly we all want to participate to show our soldiers how much they have touched our lives.   

We are all part of this vast community.  We are all in this together.  So many people want to do something and just don't know what to do.  Vets Adopt Pets pulls us all together, the Veterans, the families, the pet shelters, the folks that want to help, all of us.  We can all move on from this war together.

They packed their bags, hugged their loved ones: Mom, Dad, Wife, Husband, Child, Sister, Brother, Friends goodby and walked into war.  Many were not yet even 21 years old.  During their tour of war, they gave it their all, mind body and soul to preserve our American way of life.  Their commitment to serve prevented the draft and many families from the permanent or temporary personal loss of their loved ones.  Apple pie, hotdogs, baseball games, the National Anthem, the Flag, a puppy are but a few of the symbols that come to mind that most think of as a member of this vast community called America.  

No one escapes the wrath of war, it touches us all.  Some up close and personal, from the young Soldier that lost his life from Wyoming to the Marine who grew up in Alabama who lost her leg, and lets not forget the little girl whose Daddy will never hug her again or the Mom who will never brush her son's hair again.  To others from the distance of watching the news.  But the common denominator is all Americans feel the loss and the monumental gift Veterans gave to us.

As war is a community endeavor, moving on from war is too.  Our brave Veterans gave to us freely from the depths of their being so we could live our lives.  In moving on from war, it is our turn, as a community to honor and respect their selfless act with support of their moving on from war.   

Paying the adoption fee to give a pet to our Veterans is more than a small gesture of support.  It is a gift of love that will center and ground them as they move on from war and rebuild their lives, a little furry fella that will love them.  Would you like to join in as a member of this community called America to support their moving on from war?



We love YOU !

yep,  that's what you get when you adopt a pet !


Great Uncle Freddy was a WWl Veteran.  He was passed over for dead before a world helping organization found him.  He lived on with a medal plate in his head and was a man of quiet demeanor except when I brought over my little puppy.  That little pup brought Uncle Freddy to light, and I got to watch this old uncle of mine laugh and giggle as he played with the puppy.  A puppy brings such happiness, such love, maybe others would come to life like Great Uncle Freddy.   We can give the unique gift of love to Veterans in the form of a furry little fella, if they want it, and pay the adoption fee as our contribution to them moving on with something good for all they gave us.  Community members give to each other.  That's what makes us a community...a strong community.

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