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Pet Paw Care

Your pets paws and pads bear not only the weight of the pet but are vulnerable to injury from every day wear and tear.  You want to check regularly for cuts, sores, burns, objects stuck between the pads, or cracked pads. 

It is one of the spots you want to check first if you notice your pet limping, pet not walking on a paw, or excessive licking of the paw.  Use caution if you suspect an injury because pets can become unpredictable when in pain.  If the pet pulls the paw away from you, it may be wise to muzzle the pet before proceeding with your examination.

One very common over sight people make with their dogs is not understanding how hot the sidewalk becomes on a sunny summer day.  Your dog can feel the heat just as you can.  Ever see the news folks fry an egg on the hot sidewalk? 

Your pets pads can incur a burn when the sidewalk is extremely hot.  Most pads are thick and seasoned providing ample protection, however, they are still vulnerable to burns.

Sometimes the pesticides at the dog park can make the dogs paws red and raw.  Be advised to avoid wet mud, this seems to be the source of the problem for many dogs paws and pads.

Always keep an eye out for broken glass on the sidewalk.

An another note, your pet may love to have its pads rubbed as part of your affection.  It is a good opportunity for inspecting between the toes and pads.

There are pet shoes, or pet booties you can purchase to protect your pet.  Many folks like these when hiking with their dog.  They come in many styles, some for fashion, some for protection.

If you plan on your dog exercising long periods with you, ie) bike riding, jogging, very long walks, hiking etc., you want to allow your dog ample time to build up its pads to accommodate the activity.

If you have any cause for concern with your pets paws or pads contact your Vet.

Pet Paw/Pad Care Supplies

  • Pet Shoes or Booties
  • Disposable Pet Booties
  • Antibacterial Soap
  • Witch hazel
  • Pad Moisturizer 

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