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Pet Nail Care

Your pets nails need to be checked regularly for length, injury, loose or hanging nails. You especially want to check that the nails are not growing back into the skin.  Or basically anything that looks out of place.

Pets that frequently walk on sidewalks, asphalt, or concrete usually wear down the nails and do not generally require trimming.  Although, 'city walking' may keep the nails short, it is useful to check periodically for injury.

Many people clip their pets nails.  During your regular Vet check up you can ask what is a good length for the nails and issues for concern.

There is much controversy over whether or not cats should be de-clawed.  Many communities now out-law this procedure, claiming it is inhumane to the cat.  Your Vet will know the legalities in your area.

Many pet groomers trim nails, but you can also buy trimmers and do it yourself.   Again check with your Vet to ensure safe trimming and preventing injury.

Suggested Nail Care Supplies:

  • Dog Nail Trimmer
  • Cat Nail Trimmer
  • Stypic Pads
  • Nail File
  • Pet Nail Caps

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