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  Your new pup, dog, kitten, cat may need extra understanding, patience, affection and effort.
The shelter or rescue may not have a detailed history on your pet.  Since many cats and dogs are abandoned, lost, feral, strays, their survival may have developed behaviors not to your liking.  Their contact with humans may or may not have been good.  Their complicated histories may include a happy family life and surrendered due to financial issues or a more negative one of neglect, abuse, born on the street, who really knows.  They also may have had a long stay at a shelter in a cage.  Although these are some serious issues, don't be fooled into feeling sorry for your pet or indulging bad behavior because of a known or unknown history.
As you begin your new relationship, remember dogs are by nature pack animals, they need your structure and leadership.  You and your family are the pack. 

You are the leader of the pack and as such must establish yourself as the "alpha".  This will give your dog much security and comfort.  If you have no idea what this means check out our "leader of the pack tips.

If you adopted from a rescue, the foster family has probably already given you noted issues the animal needs to work on.
How you relate to your pet now will determine your future relationship.  A successful relationship will develop provided you generate it now.  Initially, your pets confidence may be at an all time low, and may be exhibiting some destructive behaviors.  Your "leader of the pack" skills will help your pet begin to feel safe and secure, enabling successful training.

*Read, learn, ask questions.  It's okay that you don't know everything right now.  You'll learn as you go.  Developing a relationship based on respect, caring, and love now will come back to you with a life companion of your dreams.


on the adoption of your shelter special.  

You saved a life !

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