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Vets Adopt Pets - Our program is about "Thanking Veterans for their service to us all".  We are a community of contributors, shelters & rescues that join together to pay the adoption fee as our way of saying Thank You to Veterans, Active Duty & their Families.

In addition to U.S. Military & Veterans Adopting Shelter Pets for Companion Animals, we also provide support for Service Dog information & referrals.  Also, we are slowing working on support packages for Military Working Dogs & their Handlers. 

Our role is to pull together the many organizations, information and resources that exist to honor and celebrate the Human-Animal Bond which benefits both animals and Military humans as Companions, War Dogs & Service Dogs. 

  • Focus on facilitating the adoption of shelter pets for Companion Dog needs as a show of respect and appreciation to Veterans & their Families.
  • Encourage Pet Shelters to join in a national show of support with an adoption fee waiver for Veterans
  • Educational emphasis on the health benefits of pet ownership.
  • PTSD information & Suicide Prevention


  • Support & acknowledgement of ALL Veterans


  • To raise interest, awareness and support of Veterans adopting shelter pets for companion or service animal needs. 
  • Save the lives of shelter pets. 
  • Active suicide prevention.


  • Enhancement of Vets Adopt Pets informational and adoption services. 

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