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Litter Box Training

Do I house train the cat?

Cats use a litter box. Litter Box training is usually a simple task because usually you don't need to train a kitten or cat to use a litter box.  Cats are clean by nature and have a natural tendency to use the litter.

If you are so lucky to have had your kitten learn how to use the litter box from it's mother, there is nothing for you to do but supply the litter box.  Hopefully, she has already answered the question, "How to train the cat to use the litter box".  The kitten will use it if mother taught it to.

If however, you adopted a kitten whose mother did not teach it to use the litter box, it's usually not difficult for the kitten to learn. 

Find a quiet space away from the kittens food and water dishes, most of house noise, preferably on a tile floor, for the litter box.

After eating place the kitten in the litter box, the elimination reflex should take over.  If not, pay close attention to the kitten, watching for signs that its ready.  If you see your kitten sniffing around or squatting down in a corner, pick her up and gently put her in the litter box.

Some kittens will be nervous of their new home and it may take a little while.  Older cats may also be nervous until they calm down.

They like the litter box clean.  The cleaner the better and if it's too dirty, they will find another place to eliminate.  It's useful to clean it every day or as used.

Mostly kitten will teach themselves to use the litter box.  If your kitten or cat does not begin utilizing the litter box very soon, check with your vet to rule out any medical conditions.


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