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Kids and Pets

Kids and Pets are a wonderful site to behold. Warm fuzzy moments to treasure and cherish. And what exactly is it doing under Pet Care?  Taking care of your pet includes its relationship with the kids in your family which is a major and most important relationship in your pets life....and your kids too!

Watching that relationship develop and flourish takes time and patience. Involvement with the pet will depend on  the age of your child and will require your constant supervision.

Much has been written about pets, kids and the problems that may arise.  You probably have heard the old tale that cats will sleep on the babies face.  Or that dogs never ever bite.

In reality, anything can happen.  So it is best to be aware of your pet, what it's strengths and weaknesses are and always supervise.  Always. 

An older dog, for example, can develop aches and pains that are permanent or occasional.  If your child sits, falls, stumbles on a sore spot your dog may growl, bark, or even snip at the child.  So if you know your dog has old age issues, teach your child well how to touch the dog on the head and take great care insuring the two don't accidentally collide. A puppy on the other hand, will romp and play with your mobile child.  This could appear absolutely like perfect fun, but if the pup is not taught restrictions on chasing the child, it may eventually kick into prey chase. 

Taking care to teach your pet and child how to interact creates a wonderful bond between the two.  The child learns much from loving a pet.  The pet from the child.  Kids can begin working with your pet from an early age.  Toddlers for example love to feed and water pets.  They can set the food and water bowl down on the floor.   Give the pet a treat.  Some even will help pick the food off the grocery shelf and help put the pet food in the cupboard after your shopping trip. 

They can tell the dog basic commands and praise, like sit, good doggie, before eating. They can help hold the leash on walks.  They can brush the pet.  You can incorporate your child into most of your pet care.

The older your child, the more responsibility he/she can have, however, it is not suggested that you give an older child total responsibility for the pet.  But rather utilize the relationship with the pet to teach about responsibility.

Quote of the day:  For some, there is no difference between a human baby and a puppy or kitten.  They are little poop machines that when not pooping demand food and attention....Yep, pretty much the same.  


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