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" It's amazing how Thanking Veterans for their service with a puppy brings such joy. "

"I’m always proud to be able to support Vets Adopt Pets but to know I was part of a team contributing to a veteran’s happiness and peace of mind .... that’s a real honor."

Thank You for your service to us all.


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A COMMUNITY that Thanks Veterans



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Here are some of Vets Adopt Pets adoptions...


  • Vets Adopt Pets "Thanking Veterans for their service to us all".  We are a community of contributors, shelters & rescues that join together to pay the adoption fee as our way of saying Thank You to Veterans, Active Duty & their Families.
  • Vets Adopt Pets Military & Veteran Pet Adoption Program saves lives by pairing homeless dogs and cats with our country’s heroes.  Studies show interaction with companion animals has not only health benefits such as: physical heath... with lots of exercise, lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety, improved social, emotional & mental health, but puts all involved on the track of enjoying life with the love of furry little friend. 

Perfect way for community at large participation. So many people want to Thank our Military and don't know how.  This is one way that really makes a difference in the life of a Military person, their family and a shelter animal. 

Your contributions pay the adoption fees to THANK our Military Active Duty and Veterans for their service to us all.

Pets are fun.  Life is fun…lets put a little love in it for the brave men & women who risked their lives for all Americans with a contribution.

Vets Adopt Pets   |  vetsadoptpets@gmail.com

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