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The Dog Park

In the discussion of the dog park behavior, dog park play, where to find a dog park, and how to make a dog park, lets start with dog parks are one of the most fun places to take your dog.  It is a place to socialize, make friends, romp, explore, and for puppies a place to play play play.  They never want to leave and go home.  So take lots of water, some treats, a ball, a chuck-it, sun glasses, a chunk of time and go have a blast. 


Park Etiquette

Always bring a leash, even if you don’t plan on using it.

Remember to bring treats. Your dog will be more attentive and willing to behave appropriately.

Take off choke and other metal collars. These could cause problems while playing.

Always keep an eye on your dog. They learn quickly how to investigate things while you are not looking.

Remain calm in all situations, but ready to take action if necessary. Take responsibility for your dog – if your dog is out of control, deal with it; apologize if your dog gets in trouble.  Do realize that not every one will do the same.

Clean up after your dog – a lot of parks have posts with plastic bag dispensers, but always bring your own and leave your extras behind. Besides being the law, it prevents dogs eating feces.

Don’t bring your puppy before its had all it’s shots – check with vet.

Majority of dogs do better if walked well before playing.  Some will become easily agitated by other dogs if they have not had a chance to walk off some of their energy.  Puppies on the other hand usually beat you up the hill to reach the other pups. They can't wait to play.

Don't let let your precious pup bounce up to a dog you don't know.  It's rare but there are dogs that will attack puppies.  Take your time to get to know other dogs before allowing your pup to approach.  Puppy energy can highly annoy certain dogs. 

If your dog constantly barks at, lunges at or shows any other type of aggression, make it STOP.  Either walk the other way, if appropriate learn to change your dogs attitude with treats, and/or seek professional advice. 

Not neutered males/ Not spayed females - can cause chaos  - can ignite aggression in neutered males and all males may fight for females attention.


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