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"It's amazing how Thanking Veterans for their service with a puppy brings such joy."

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IN HONOR OF All the Great Men & Women who served our country



WWII Veteran Harold Franck

Capt. Taylor Kennedy

L CPL John L. Machosky USMC

Lloyd Olsson & his dog Mikko

Gerald (Jerry) Duffy

William Bendell

Jack Ziesel

Ed McOwen

Jake Copass

Grace Huizar Miller

In honor of my sister Elaine

George & Chris Czarnik

Willard “Abby” Abernathy

USAF Captain Frank Maloit

Sgt. Matthew S. Sluss_Tiller, KIA in Pakistan, Feb. 2010

Airman Bryce Powers, Hero at Rest

Vietnam Veteran Cliff Shaw, Our friend

Vietnam Veteran Richard R Guillet, Father, Grandfather & Dog Lover.

Ronnie Wilson US Navy, My little brother

Air Force James Pat Hartel, My BROTHER -

Hollis B. Locke, who loved animals every day of his 82 years, and adopted most of his own pets from shelters.

Brian Joe

Chris Hall

John "Jack" Halloran

Jeff Brosius

 Eric Guntermann

US Army Diane Willits

USAF Clint A. Reynolds (MWD Handler)

A "Friend" (Active)

Capt. Taylor Kennedy

Brian Johnson

Orville Kay

James W.Grooms CWO3 Marine

Hollis C. Grooms, U.S.A.F.

Pierre Beauregard

Steve G Miller


Earl Quam


*** All those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. ***

*** In honor of the brave men and women who have fought for the United States ***

*** All the servicemen and women no longer here ***

*** Everyone who gave their life to help protect mine ***

*** To honor the memory of the Sandy Hook children ***

*** All of the fur babies who gave all for our uniformed men and women ***

*** Gabe, the American Humane Society's 2012 Hero Dog of the Year ***

Vets Adopt Pets Thanks our Supporters


The Post 6 American Legion Riders of Columbia, S.C

Mystic VFW - Ladies Auxiliary

VFW POST 10399, in Mt Sterling IL

Americans saying THANK YOU for your service to us all.

Peter Abrams

Robin Adryan

Dawn-Marie Aleson

Ashley Allen

Kathleen Allen

Mary Andries

Neely L Arnold

Lisa Avedon

Kristine Bailey

Rebecca Baranowski

Rebecca's MOM

Mr & Mrs Barlow 

Josh Bartok

Valerie Bascom

Linda Bass

Kacee Belcher

Joe Bender

Jane Bertorelli

Ellen Blackmer

Marjorie Boidy

Stanley Borenstein

Barbara Brash

Jo-Anne Brenner

Francie Brown

Kelly Brown

Christine Buckley

Ted Buick

Brittany Burnett

Patricia A Busse

 Kim Bykerk

Beth Cadarr

Arlene Cadel

Jody Canfield

Melba Carr

Jeffrey Carroll

Kelly Cassell

Staci Clemons

Marlisa Crawford

 Peggy Crawford

Kenneth Crook

Catherine Cutty

Susan Cunningham

Claire D'Angelo

Laurie Dean

Laura Denwood

Megan Dittbrenner

Lisa Dumas

Terri Eden

Diane Ellison

Joan Elsner

Stacy Emmons

Matthew Eoff

Sharon Entwistle

Lisa Fasanello

Lynda Ferrara 

Katherine Fredricks

Henry Filbert

Jill Flemming

Elayne Fick

Jani Fink

Jamie Flynn

Cheryl Frazier

Luz Adriana Frias

Dorothy Furbay

Catherine Ganley

Terri Gardner

Liesa Gilley

Molly M Gilmore



Regina Golden

Catherine Gollan

Cheryl Greene

Kathryn Greten

Dan Grenier

Mary Grimes

Patrick Halloran

Jaimie Hansen

Jo Ellen Hegge

Beth Hinkle

Doris Hudson

Karon Hudson

Maureen Hutchinson

Tracy Jablonski

Lee Ann Jackson

Don Januszewski

Lauren Jenkins

Patricia Jensen

Linda Jezuit

Kristine Johnson

Patricia Johnson

Marie Anne Kalotai

Bradley Keanny

Michelle Kelleher

Stephanie Kelso

Catharine Kennedy

Theresa Kerlinger

Sandra A. Kimberling

Lynn Kuennen

Deborah Kunkel

Eric Kwang

Janet Lail

Pamela Lambert

Katie Lanclos

Elizabeth Leitzke

Cristine Lewis

Susan Lapham

Elizabeth Leitzke

Karen Lichty

Barbara Locke

Ann Lopez

Joyce Lopez

Amy Lourenco

Gina Luerding

Amy Lourenco

Steve Lyons

Brie-Anne Lysek

Lynn Magill

Cynthia Makowski

Barbara Maloit

Jodi Martinmaki

Brenda McFadden

Colleen Mc Grane

Sue Mc Grory

Rachel Mc Kenna

Amy Mc Quillan

Jennifer MacLean

Deborah S Metrick

Elizabeth Miller

Michelle Miller

Donna Minton

Susan Minx

Elizabeth Mitchell

Madeline Mitulinsky

Deborah Moore 

Elizabeth Moore

Melody Morgan

Lisa Muglia

Carol Nagielski

Van Nielsen

Suzanne Olah

Pi Sigma Pi Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority

JoAnne O'Neill

Sherrie Oparka

Susan E Osgood

Chase Passman

Swetal Patel

Angela Pillsbury

Aimee Pister

Lisa Prasse

Christina Quakenbush

Donna Radisch

Laura Randall

Heather Redfield

Ashley Reid

Amy Renwanz

William Reynolds


Judy Rich

Stephen Richard

Cathy Rhoden

Judy Rich

 Verneice & Stephen Richard

Jane Richardson

Janet Roe-Darden

Lloyd Ross

Heather Rudlaff

Steven Ruth

Gail Sabatini

Tracey Saddlemire

Deborah Scarborough

Dawne Scott

Heather Seemuth-Johnson

Deborah Shafer

Frank Shepherd

Jackie Barbitta-Shepherd

Mary Shepley

Mary L Sheridan

Lisa Shillingburg 

Elizabeth Short

Debby Sprechman

Carol Roberts Smith

Eleanor Smith

Sheila Soto

Luanne Stanley

Andrew Stewart

Stacey Stallons

Kathleen Standard

Shea Stephens

Sandra Stichler

Gary Streeting

Aimee Stubbs

Karissa Tatman

Betty Taylor

Debi Taylor

Martha Thomas

Erika Thompson

Shannon Turmel

Tara Urbanovitch

Lisa A Walker

Linda Weber

Judith Weiershauser

Jason West 

Jessica Wheeler

Victoria Wilcox

Lee Ann Wolff

Michele Wright

Maura van der Linden

Pamela Zapf

Zoliart Productions

Anonymous Donors

In Honor of Personal Pets:

Tea & Lucky 

Lady, Scotty & Tiffany

Lucky my greyhound who passed away suddenly last week….

My Doberman, Wolfgang, gone but never forgotten

Skeela Bonadonna-Moranol

Our greyhounds Murphy & Scooby





 Black Jack 

 In memory of Tugboat for Sparky and Fred's adoption 

Bubba - the rescue pup who stole my heart

In memory of Mellie for Allen & Memphis' adoption 

*** I can't resist the adoption of a kitten! ***

My beautiful Snickers, who passed away on 10 December. I had over 15 years of love and happiness with her by my side and I want someone else to have that same experience. Being a Veteran myself, I could not think of a more perfect way to honor the memory of my beautiful companion. Thank you.

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