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Pet Adoption Fee Waiver for Veterans & Active Duty

Join Vets Adopt Pets in thanking and celebrating all Veterans with an adoption fee waiver to show our national appreciation of Veterans service to all Americans.

To join our Pet Adoption Fee Waiver for Veterans Program, place the statement below on your 'adoption fee' page or Veteran specific page of your website and email us the link.

"We work along with Vets Adopt Pets.org to thank & celebrate Veterans for their service to all Americans.  As a show of our appreciation to all Veterans, we provide a fee waiver for the adoption of a pet from our shelter.  Veteran needs to show proof of military status and meet our adoption requirements."

  • So many are thankful for the service our Military Men & Women and their Families have provided to all Americans.  Waiving the adoption fee is one way we can show our appreciation.
  • Do indicate if this includes Active Duty and Military Families.
  • To ensure proper communication and respect to Veterans, please make sure all your employees are aware of your fee-waiver and provide us with a contact person's name.
  • People will see you when they come to our site and for those that live in your area, they can just come on over to your shelter. 
  • We can also refer you to those that live in your area when they call in.  We expect this to appeal only to Veterans in your geographic area.
  • We will also spread the word on our social medias that Your Shelter provides fee waivers for Veterans.  You'll probably get some facebook likes and possible donations from this.
  • The major mandatory requirement is - if you choose to end the fee-waiver for Veterans, please contact us immediately (email is good) so we can remove you from our provider page to prevent misleading Veterans with faulty information. 
  • CONTACT US AT vetsadoptpets@gmail.com or call to let us know you decided to make a fee waiver at your shelter for Veterans


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